Asian Games 2018 Medal List Pdf

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Asian Games 2018 Medal List Pdf

Asian Games 2018 Medal List Pdf – The Asian Games 2018 will be held in Indonesia from 18 August to 2 September. This will be the 18th edition of the Asian Games. India won 57 medals that included 11 gold medals, 10 silver and 36 bronze medals at the Incheon Games in 2014. The likes ofJitu Rai, Yogeshwar Dutt, Seema Punia, Mary Kom won gold medals at the event. With Asian games 2018 schedule announced, big things are expected from India who will be sending a contingent of 572 athletes who will look to better the 2014 medal tally at the end of the event. Here is the Asian Games medal tally.

Asian Games 2018 Medal Winner List

11 China1329265289
22 Japan755674205
33 Republic of Korea495870177
44 Indonesia31244398
55 Uzbekistan21242570
66 Iran20202262
77 Chinese Taipei17193167
88 India15243069
99 Kazakhstan15174476
1010 DPR Korea12121337
1111 Bahrain127726
1212 Thailand11164673
1313 Hong Kong8182046
1414 Malaysia7131636
1515 Qatar64313
1616 Mongolia591125
1717 Vietnam4161838
1818 Singapore441422
1919 Philippines421521
2020 United Arab Emirates36514
2121 Kuwait3126
2222 Kyrgyzstan261220
2323 Jordan21912
2424 Cambodia2013
2525 Saudi Arabia1236
2626 Macau1225
2727 Iraq1203
2828 Lebanon1124
2928 Unified Korea1124
3030 Tajikistan0437
3131 Lao PDR0235
3232 Turkmenistan0123
3333 Nepal0101
3434 Pakistan0044
3535 Afghanistan0022
3635 Myanmar0022

The Asian Games 2018 Medal Tally give you an indication of the performance in terms of nations with break-ups of the gold, silver or bronze medals won by the country. The Asian Games Medal 2018 also givens an indication of the Asian Games India performances and the Asian Games India Medal Tally is an mark of how India is faring in the Asian Games 2018 in Indonesia. The India Medal Tally is a mark of performance rankings for India in Asian Games 2018. The India Medal Tally in Asian Games got off to the flying start on wrestling and subsequently will be showing how the rest of the events turn out for India in Asian Games. The Asian Games 2018 Medal Table is led predictably by China but India is trying to do their best at the Asian Games 2018 to add to the Asian Games Medal Tally.

History of Asian Games

  • The Asian Games are the oldest and most prestigious event on the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) calendar, dating back to the inaugural edition in 1951.

Like the Olympic Games, they are held every four years.

  • The 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang, Indonesia will be the 18th edition.
  • `The Games follow the sports programme of the Olympics, with athletics and swimming as core sports, as well as featuring disciplines which reflect the diverse sporting culture of the continent such as South East Asia’s sepak takraw, South Asia’s kabaddi and East Asia’s wushu.

Interesting facts about Asian Games:-

  • There are 45 official participating members (countries) in Asian Games. Earlier this list was 46, but Israel was removed from Asian Games member countries after 1974 Asian Games of Tehran thus reducing total participating countries to 45. Reason why Israel was removed was cited as security reasons but it always remained vague.
  • Some countries which geographically lie in both Continents of Asia and Europe like Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus and Armenia choose not to participate in Asian Games. These countries rather participate in European games.
    Egypt which lies both in Asia and Africa not participates in Asian games, rather it participates in African Games.
  • Georgia and Israel which completely lie inside Asia as per geographic boundaries, participates in European Games.
  • Palestine, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan although not a republic countries, still participate as members of Asian Games.
  • The recent most game which was introduced to Asian Games is Cricket which was included in year 2010.
  • The recent most Asian Games of Incheon, South Korea witnesses total 44 different games.
  • India stood at second position with 15 Gold medals, while Japan bagged the first position in the inaugural version of 1951 New Delhi Asian Games.

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