Comprehensive CSAT Manual Pdf Free Download

General studies and Current Affairs PDF SSC CGL 2017

Comprehensive CSAT Manual Pdf Free Download

Comprehensive CSAT Manual Pdf Free Download

Comprehensive CSAT Manual Pdf Free Download

Comprehensive CSAT Manual Pdf Content:

Unit 1
Chapter 1: Decision Making and Problem Solving, Interpersonal Skills and Communication
What’s At Stake?
Problem Solving VS. Decision Making
Problem-Solving Model
Step 1: Identify the Problem.
Step 2: Explore Alternatives
Techniques for Generating Alternatives
Criteria for Evaluating Alternatives
Step 3: Select an Alternative
Step 4: Implement the Solution
Step 5: Evaluate the Situation
Styles of Decision Making
Individual Decision Making
Decision Making Through Consultation
Group Decision Making
Delegating the Decision
Selecting a Decision-Making Approach
Successful Group Decision Making
Avoiding “Groupthink”
How do you know when you’ve reached consensus?
Who Is an Effective Decision Maker?
Attributes of an Effective Decision Maker
Ethical Decision Making
What Is Ethics?
What’s at Issue?
Definition of Ethics
Ethical Don’ts
Ethical Issues and Emergencies 18
Components of Ethical Decision Making
Ethical Commitment
Ethical Consciousness
Ethical Competency
Applying the Problem-Solving Model to Ethical Issues
The Overconfidence Trap
The Prudence TraP
The Recallability Trap
What can you do about it?
Understanding Communication
Workplace Communication Relationships
Types of Communication
Methods of Communication
Communication Styles
Common Roadblocks to Communication
1. The Ways Minds Work
Perceptions of relationships
2. Sender’s Behavior
3. Receiver’s Behavior
Criteria for Assessing Communication Competence
Seven Actions for Effective Communication
Some DO’s of Effective Communication
Some dont’s of Effective Communication
Questions and Answers

Chapter 2: Comprehension and English Comprehension Passages
Part-I: Comprehension
Exercise – A
Exercise- B
Exercise –D
Exercise- E
Part –II: English Comprehension
Unit 2
Chapter 1: Number System
Chapter 2: Averages and Alligations
Chapter 3: Percentages
Chapter 4: Profit and Loss
Chapter 5: Speed, Distance and Time
Chapter 6: Ratio and Proportion
Chapter 7: Geometry and mensuration
Chapter 8: Permutation and Combination
Chapter 9: Probability
Unit 3
Chapter 1: Assertion and Reasoning
Chapter 2: Strong and weak argument
Chapter 3: Cause and effect
Chapter 4: Statement, Conclusion and Assumptions
Chapter 5: Courses of Action
Chapter 6: Blood Relationships
Chapter 7: Arrangements
Unit 4
Chapter 1: Data Interpretation
Chapter 2: Data Sufficiency

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