CONSTRUCTIVE PROGRAMME Mahatma Gandhi pdf Download


CONSTRUCTIVE PROGRAMME Mahatma Gandhi pdf Download

CONSTRUCTIVE PROGRAMME Mahatma Gandhi-Hello friends welcome to we are sharing Constructive Programme given by Mahtma Gandhi.CONSTRUCTIVE PROGRAMME MAHATMA GANDHI PDF DOWNLOAD

Constructive Program (CP) is a term coined by Mahatma Gandhi to describe one of the two branches of his satyagraha, the other being some form on nonviolent resistance, e.g. civil disobedience, sometimes referred to as “obstructive program”. CP is a way of carrying out a struggle through community and self-improvement by building structures, systems, processes, and resources that are alternatives to oppression and promote self-sufficiency and unity in the resisting community.CONSTRUCTIVE PROGRAMME MAHATMA GANDHI PDF DOWNLOAD


This is a thoroughly revised edition of the *Constructive Programme* which I first

wrote in 1941. The items included in it have not been arranged in any order,

certainly not in the order of their importance. When the reader discovers that a

particular subject though important in itself in terms of Independence does not find

place in the programme, he should know that the omission is not intentional. He

should unhesitatingly add to my list and let me know. My list does not pretend to be

exhaustive; it is merely illustrative. The reader will see several new and important


Readers, whether workers and volunteers or not, should definitely realize that the

constructive programme is the truthful and non-violent way of winning Poorna

Swaraj. Its wholesale fulfillment is complete Independence. Imagine all the forty

crores of people busying themselves with the whole of the constructive programme

which is designed to build up the nation from the very bottom upward. Can anybody

dispute the proposition that it must mean complete Independence in every

sense of the expression, including the ousting of foreign domination? When the critics

laugh at the proposition, what they mean is that forty crores of people will never co-
operate in the effort to fulfill the programme, No doubt, there is considerable truth

in the scoff. My answer is, it is still worth the attempt, Given an indomitable will on

the part of a band of earnest workers, the programme is as workable as any other

and more so than most. Anyway, I have no substitute for it, if it is to be based on


Civil Disobedience, mass or individual, is an aid to constructive effort and is a full

substitute for armed revolt, Training is necessary as well for civil disobedience as for

armed revolt. Only the ways are different. Action in either case takes place only

when occasion demands. Training for military revolt means learning the use of arms

ending perhaps in the atomic bomb. For civil disobedience it means the Constructive


Therefore, workers will never be on the look-out for civil resistance. They will hold

themselves in readiness, if the constructive effort is sought to be defeated. From one

or two illustrations it will be seen where it can be, and where it cannot be, offered.

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