Current Ministers Bihar Government Pdf Download and their Portfolios 2017

Current Ministers Bihar Government Pdf Download and their Portfolios 2017

Current Ministers Bihar Government Pdf Download and their Portfolios 2017 -JD(U) leader Nitish Kumar who was sworn in as Bihar Chief Minister on Friday for a third straight term, kept the home portfolio with him while Lalu Prasad’s younger son Tejaswi Yadav was named the Deputy Chief Minister.

The holding of number 2, 3 and 4 positions with important portfolios like finance, road construction and health, indicates the dominance of RJD, the largest constituent in the alliance government with 80 seats in the Cabinet.

Current Ministers Bihar Government Pdf Download and their Portfolios 2017

JD(U) saw eight new faces in the ministry. Only Bijendra Prasad Yadav, Rajiv Ranjan Singh alias Lallan Singh, Shrawan Kumar and Jay Kumar Singh were members of the outgoing cabinet.

Many prominent faces of the previous ministries like Shyam Rajak, Narendra Narayan Yadav, Leshi Singh and Ranju Geeta could not find a berth in the cabinet this time.

Janata Dal (United) leader Nitish Kumar took charge as the Chief Minister of Bihar on 20 November 2015 along with other ministers. The Government of Bihar consists of 29 cabinet ministers. The Cabinet of the state of Bihar forms the executive branch of the Government of Bihar. The Bihar Vidhan Sabha (Bihar Legislative Assembly) consists of 243 members (MLA), and these members are elected for five years. Janata Dal ( United ) , Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) and and Indian National Congress (INC) formed the Government under the leadership of Nitish Kumar on 22 November 2015.

There are two types of the minister in state government, which is determined by the position or grade. The superior or primary being Cabinet Ministers “Cabinet Minister” and the junior or secondary being “minister of State”.

The following is a list of the ministers (state cabinet) in the Bihar Government. The list contains ministers and their Portfolios, political party, constituency.

Cabinet ministers of Bihar.Current Ministers Bihar Government Pdf Download and their Portfolios 2017

Cabinet Minister is the main in-charge of a ministry. A cabinet minister may also hold additional charges of other Ministries if no other cabinet ministers are appointed to take charge of that ministries. All Cabinet members are mandated by the constitution to be members of the Vidhan Sabha of Bihar. cabinet ministers of Bihar and their ministry are listed below.

Current Ministers Bihar Government Pdf Download and their Portfolios 2017

S.NO Name Of Minister Portfolios Political Parties Constituency
1. Shri Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister,Hon’ble Chief Minister
  1. Chief Minister of Bihar
  2. Home
  3. General Administration
  4. Cabinet Secretariat
  5. Information and Public Relations
  6. Vigilance
2. Shri Tejashwi Prasad Yadav, Hon’ble Dy. Chief Minister
  1. Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar
  2. Road construction
  3. Building construction
  4. Backward and Extremely Backward Welfare
RJD Raghopur
3. Shri Tej Pratap Yadav
  1. Health
  2. Water resources
  3. Environment and Forest
RJD Mahua
4. Shri Abdul Bari Siddiqui
  1. Finance
RJD Alinagar
5. Shri Bijendra Prasad Yadav
  1. Power
  2. Commerce and Tax
JDU Supaul
6. Shri Rajiv Ranjan Singh (Lalan Singh)
  1. Water Resources
  2. Planning and Development
7. Shri Ashok Choudhary
  1. Education
  2. Information and Broadcasting
INC Kanti
8. Shri Sharavan Kumar
  1. Rural Development
  2. Parliamentary Affairs
JDU Nalanda
9. Shri Jay Kumar Singh
  1. Industries
  2. Science and Technology
JDU Dinara
10. Shri Alok Kumar Mehta
  1. Cooperative Department
RJD Ujiarpur (SC)
11. Shri Chandrika Rai
  1. Transport
RJD Parsa
12. Shri Awadhesh Kumar Singh
  1. Animal Husbandry
  2. Fisheries
INC Hajipur
13. Krishna Nandan Prasad Verma
  1. Public health (Lok Swasthya Abhiyantran Vidhi)
JDU Ghosi
14. Shri Maheshwar Hajari
  1. Urban Development
JDU Kalaynpur
15. Shri Abdul Jalil Masta
  1. Registration
  2. Excise and Prohibition Ministry
INC Amour
16. Shri Ramvichar Rai
  1. Irrigation
RJD Sahebganj
17. Shri Shivchandra Ram
  1. Youth
  2. Arts and Culture
18. Shri Dr. Madan Mohan Jha
  1. Treasury and Land Development
19. Shri Shailesh Kumar
  1. Rural work
20. Smt. Kumari Manju Verma
  1. Social welfare
JDU Cheria Bariarpur
21. Shri Santosh Kumar Nirala
  1. SC and ST Welfare
JDU Rajpur
22. Shri Dr. Abdul Gaffor
  1. Minority Welfare
RJD Mahishi
23. Shri Chandra Shekhar
  1. Disaster Management
RJD Madhepura
24. Shri Khurshid (Firoz Ahmad)
  1. Sugarcane Industries
JDU Sikta
25. Shri Muneshwar Choudhary
  1. Mining
RJD Garkha
26. Shri Madan Sahni
  1. Food and Consumer Protection
JDU Gaura Bauram
27. Shri Kapil Dev Kamat
  1. Panchayati Raj
 JDU Babubarhi
28.  Smt. Anita Devi
  1. Tourism
 RJD Nokha
29. Shri Vijay Prakash
  1. Labour Department
 RJD Jamui


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