India year Book Pdf 2017 Download Free – Hindi & English Pdf

India year Book Pdf 2017 Download Free – year book 2017 pdf – Hindi & English

India year Book Pdf 2017 Download Free – year book 2017 pdf – Hello friends Welcome To pdfbaba.Com .Here We are Sharing India year book 2017 Pdf For upcoming IAS Exam 2017.


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The good news is that India Year Book 2017 is now available online and you should get it quickly before stocks run out since it is in heavy demand. In this post I review the India Year Book 2017 for your benefit.

It contains numerous tables with up-to-date information on Census figures, health, education and so on. The census or demographic information contained in India Year Book 2017 is very important since you can always expect 2-3 demography-based questions in Prelims each year.

This  book is One of the Most Important Book for UPSC prelims and Mains 2017. This Book is published By Indian Government.India year Book Pdf 2017 Download Free – Hindi & English Pdf

  • How to read India year book 2017 For UPSC Prelims and Mains 2017.

  • Which are important Chapters of India year book 2017. 

  • India year book 2017 Notes Pdf Download

  • Vision IAS Notes India year book 2017 Pdf

  • Mrunal India year book 2017 notes Pdf

  • Roman Saini About How to Read India Year book .

India year Book Pdf 2017 Download Free – year book 2017 pdf

Book Covers Following Contents:

  1. Land and the People
  2. National Symbols
  3. Polity
  4. Agriculture
  5. Culture and Tourism
  6. Basic Economic Data
  7. Commerce
  8. Communications and Information Technology
  9. Defence
  10. Education
  11. Energy
  12. Environment
  13. Finance
  14. Corporate Affairs
  15. Food and Civil Supplies
  16. Health and Family Welfare
  17. Housing
  18. India and the World
  19. Industry
  20. Justice and Law
  21. Labour
  22. Mass Communication
  23. Planning
  24. Rural and Urban Development
  25. Scientific and Technological Developments
  26. Transport
  27. Water Resources
  28. Welfare
  29. Youth Affairs and Sports
  30. States and Union Territories
  31. Diary of National Events
  32. General Information

Q-:How to read India Year Book 2017 For UPSC Prelims Exam 2017 ?

Chapter 1: Land and the People

  • This chapter is all about physiography of India and has Demographic terminologies and Census 2011 data (latest). This is a very important chapter from prelims as well as mains point of view.

Chapter 2: National Symbols

  • This is a very important chapter and direct questions can be expected from this one.

Chapter 3: The Polity

  • This chapter elaborates executive part of the government with rights and basic features of the Constitution. This chapter can be avoided from prelims point of view however, it can be referred to for mains.

Chapter 4: Agriculture

  • This chapter details programmes and policies related to agriculture in India, different agricultural sectors and recent initiatives. Just reading the introduction part and about new programmes and policies launched by GOI is enough.

Chapter 5: Art and Culture

  • A detailed study of this topic is important, especially from point of view of mains exam.

Chapter 6: Basic Economic Data

  • This chapter details statistical institutions in India. A simple analysis of trends is enough.

Chapter 7: Commerce

  • This chapter is irrelevant for prelims. However, it is of prime importance from mains point of view.

Chapter 8: Communications

  • This chapter comprises of three sections of communication forms i.e. Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology. The topic of Cyber security is of prime importance. From prelims point of view, this is an important chapter. However, it is not so much relevant for mains.

Chapter 9: Defence

  • This chapter elaborates on security scenario of India, defence undertakings, training for defence services, etc. Direct questions can be expected from this chapter in both prelims and main exam.

Chapter 10: Education

  • This chapter covers the policies related to elementary, secondary and higher education system in the country and can be referred to from mains point of view only. New policies are of special importance and need to be studied in detail.

Chapter 11: Energy

  • This chapter discusses the conventional and nonconventional energy sector in the country. Study this chapter with geographic references in mind and also study in detail about the various initiatives in renewable energy sector. This chapter is important for both prelims and main exams.

Chapter 12: Environment

  • This is a very important chapter from both prelims and main exam point of view and requires a detailed analysis.

Chapter 13: Finance

  • This chapter can be given a reading.

Chapter 14: Corporate Affairs

  • This is a very important chapter and needs to be studied thoroughly.

Chapter 15: Food and Civil Supplies

  • This one needs to be studied selectively with main focus on food security issues and welfare schemes related to it.

Chapter 16: Health and Family Welfare

  • Perhaps the most important chapter from the perspective of UPSC CSE exam, this needs to be studied by heart.

Chapter 17: Housing

  • Not a very important chapter from the point of view of main exams.

Chapter 18: Indian and the World

  • Through study required for mains as well as prelims.

Chapter 19: Industry

  • Get through this chapter for writing good essay in mains.

Chapter 20: Justice and Law

  • Do study this chapter in full detail for both the exams.

Chapter 21: Labour

  • This one is important from the perspective of writing an essay.

Chapter 22: Mass Communication

  • Important only for prelims.

Chapter 23: Planning

  • This chapter required in depth study.

Chapter 24: Rural Development

  • A very important chapter from the view of both the papers.

Chapter 25: Scientific and Technological Developments

  • A very important topic that requires detailed study.

Chapter 26: Transport

  • Study with geographic context for better understanding and relevance.

Chapter 27: Water Resources

  • This is an important chapter from prelims perspective.

Chapter 28: Welfare

  • This chapter discusses welfare schemes for the SC/ ST/ OBC/ Minorities/ Women/ Children and needs to be given utmost importance from the perspective of both the papers.

Chapter 29: Youth Affairs and Sports

  • Study in detail.

Chapter 30: States and Union Territories

  • This topic requires strict study and memorization from the view of both mains and prelims.

Chapter 31: Diary of National Events

  • This topic can be ignored in case of shortage of time.

Chapter 32: General Information

  • This chapter needs to be given just a reading.

Do not study the topics in a ‘Predefined’ Format-India year Book Pdf 2017 Download

Most education portals will recommend on going chapter by chapter as per book index order but it is advisable to reorganize the topics given in the books category-wise, like this

  • Section 1: Geography, Environment and Biodiversity (Chapters 1, 4, 12, 25, 27, 30)
  • Section 2: Economy and Infrastructure (Chapters 6, 7, 13, 14 & 8, 11, 17, 19, 26)
  • Section 3: Polity, Development and Issues (Chapters 2, 3,10, 15, 16, 20, 21, 23, 24, 28)
  • Section 4: Defence (Chapter 9)
  • Section 5: International Relations (Chapter 18)
  • Section 6: Miscellaneous (Chapters 5, 22, 29, 30, 31, 32)

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