Mahatma Gandhi Autobiography pdf Download


 Mahatma Gandhi Autobiography pdf Download

MAHATMA GANDHI AUTOBIOGRAPHY PDF DOWNLOAD-Hello friends welcome to we are sharing Autobiography of MAHATMA GANDHI

Four or five years ago, at the instance of some of my nearest co-workers, I

agreed to write my autobiography. I made the start, but scarcely had I turned

over the first sheet when riots broke out in Bombay and the work remained at a

standstill. Then followed a series of events which culminated in my

imprisonment at Yeravda. Sjt. Jeramdas, who was one of my fellow-prisoners

there, asked me to put everything else on one side and finish writing the

autobiography. I replied that I had already framed a programme of study for

myself, and that I could not think of doing anything else until this course was

complete. I should indeed have finished the autobiography had I gone through

my full term of imprisonment at Yeravda, for there was still a year left to

complete the task, when I was discharged. Swami Anand has now repeated the

proposal, and as I have finished the history of Satyagraha in South Africa, I am

tempted to undertake the autobiography for Navjivan. The Swami wanted me

to write it separately for publication as a book. But I have no spare time. I

could only write a chapter week by week. Something has to be written

for Navjivan every week. Why should it not be the autobiography? The Swami

agreed to the proposal, and here I am hard at work.

But a God-fearing friend had his doubts, which he shared with me on my day of

silence. ‘What has set you on this adventure?’ he asked. ‘Writing an

autobiography is a practice peculiar to the West. I know of nobody in the East

having written one, except amongst those who have come under Western

influence. And what will you write? Supposing you reject tomorrow the things

you hold as principles today, or supposing your revise in the future your plans

of today, is it not likely that the men who shape their conduct on the authority

of your word, spoken or written, may be misled? Don’t you think it would be

better not to write anything like an autobiography, at any rate just yet?’.

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